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3/4 of US and Germany Support Medicinal Cannabis

Germany/USA: Three quarters of citizens in the USA and Germany support the medical use of cannabis According to a poll conducted by Emnid Institute there is a broad support in Germany when it comes to the medical use of cannabis. Of 1,001 interviewees asked by phone 76 per cent said that the use of cannabis […]

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The Coming American Hempire

by Rand Clifford “…The continuous consolidation of money and power into higher, tighter and righter hands.” That was George H.W. Bush’s answer to reporter Sarah McClendon’s question in 1992 regarding what Iran-Contra was all about. He also told her that, “If the American people really knew what we had done, we would be chased down […]

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Medical Marijuana Pioneer Protests Cash Cow Dispensaries

Medical marijuana pioneer protests cash cow pot stores One of protagonists of the modern marijuana movement in California charges that the burgeoning dispensary trade has become a cash cow aloof from the people it is meant to serve. Valerie Corral filed the state’s first known “medical necessity” defense when she challenged her arrest for cultivating […]

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Patti:"The Mrs. Fields Of Cannabis"

We are in Patti ‘s kitchen making pot brownies. I’m not allowed to say where it is, except in an apartment in Orange County. I’m not allowed to say what her last name is. I’m not even allowed to say exactly how she makes her brownies. (“I’m not giving you my ****ing secrets,” she growls, […]

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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

by Phillip Smith If we can’t keep drugs out of the prisons, how can we keep them out of the country? In Oklahoma City, an Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) agent was arrested Tuesday by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agents in a scheme authorities said was shipping weapons to Mexican drug trafficking […]

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Medical Marijuana Patient Faces Life in Prison for a Half Ounce in Texas

by Phillip Smith, August 11, 2010, 01:30pm, (Issue #644) A Texas asthma sufferer who went to California for a medical marijuana recommendation and then got busted in June on a Texas highway with small amounts of marijuana and hashish is facing up to life in prison after being indicted by a Brown County grand jury. […]

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'Bhang' to trigger new patent war?

WASHINGTON: An ancient Indian high could soon get ‘bhang-alored’ to the United States if the efforts of an American confectioner prove successful. Scott J Van Rixel, a New Mexico chocalatier, has applied to trademark a product called “Bhang: The Original Cannabis Chocolate.” Rixel’s highly-anticipated confection, coming amid a rousing debate about legalizing marijuana in the […]

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Medical Marijuana Passes Through Airports

By Jessica Headley Airport security used to be the end of the line for travelers holding medical marijuana. Now some passengers report airports and TSA looking the other way.Medical marijuana patients reported no problems as they boarded with carry on luggage and cannabis plants through airports in states that were both medical marijuana friendly and […]

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Too poor to buy pot? Not in D.C. (if it's medical, that is)

http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2010-08-06-medical-marijuana_N.htm?csp=34news By Jessica Gresko, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — No one should be too poor to buy pot if they live in Washington, at least if the marijuana is for a medical condition. That’s the conclusion of a new medical marijuana law enacted in the nation’s capital. The District of Columbia passed a law earlier […]

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Mary and Gary Shows Document Capital Lobbying

Mary Powers with Jacki Rickert 10-04-09. MADISON: August 11, 2010 marks the first anniversary of the filming and release of the first of a series of very short films documenting lobbying efforts at the Wisconsin Capitol, the “Mary and Gary Show”. The eventually seven Mary & Gary Shows tell the story of lobbying efforts for […]

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