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Legal Weed In Vegas Soon?

By Zachary Babin   Democratic state Sen. Tick Segerblom envisions a pedestrian-centric outdoor entertainment district focused on giving visitors a new kind of “only-in-Vegas” experience centered around pot. “It’s somewhere you do things you wouldn’t normally do,” said Segerblom, who’s so supportive of marijuana in Nevada that he sponsored a failed bill in 2015 to […]

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ESPN Survey: Two-thirds of NFL players say legal pot equals fewer painkillers

Kevin Seifert NFL Nation   In the survey, 61 percent of players said they believed fewer players would take pain-killing shots such as Toradol if marijuana were a legal option. Toradol is the most common anti-inflammatory taken by NFL players, and 64 percent of the survey’s respondents said they had taken an injection of it […]

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Dutch Students Build Bridge Out of Hemp and Flax Fibers

STU ROBARTS   The “biobridge” in the Netherlands is built using hemp and flax fibers in place of alternative materials such as steel, concrete or carbon fiber.  Photo credit: New Atlas   Dutch students in the Netherlands have built a 46-foot-long footbridge out of hemp and flax fibers to demonstrate a use of more sustainable […]

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How Scientists Tested Cannabis Medicines in the Old Days

Edward Dodge Image via The Antique Cannabis Book     As efforts for cannabis legalization heat up, prohibitionists are quick to say that we need more research in order to know if cannabis is safe. Prohibitionists always seem to overlook that society has had a long history with cannabis and it is generally the federal […]

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Hemp Offers a Solution to Unfriendly Cat Litter

By Kathy Garton Getty Hemp litter pellets are both kitty-friendly and biodegradable. With a high absorption rate, paws stay cleaner and return visits have been noted through testing in other countries. Hemp is also great at trapping odors and lasts much longer than alternative natural litters. Because hemp is grown without pesticides, hemp kitty litter makes […]

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Hemp Fuel Pellets: A Great Alternative for Heating

By Kathy Garton The winter season is quickly approaching and with it, the need for a reliable heat source. Wood pellet stoves are becoming popular because of the reduced cost compared to propane, electricity and heating fuel. Wood is also a renewable resource. However, the quality of wood makes a big difference. Issues like softwood, hardwood […]

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Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana

By LAURA M. HOLSON   When Lisa Mastramico needed relief for her ailing tabby, Little Kitty, she turned to an unlikely source: marijuana. At 12 years old, the cat had arthritis. For a long while she spent her days hiding in a closet, where Ms. Mastramico had built her a bed of plush blankets. After […]

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Damian Marley Is Converting a California Prison into a Pot Farm

by Andy Gensler Photo: B+ Damian Marley on Sept. 26, 2016 at the former Claremont Custody Center in Coalinga, CA, which is being converted into a cannabis grow facility. Damian Marley has announced that he, in partnership with Ocean Grown Extracts, is converting a former 77,000 square foot California State prison into a cannabis grow […]

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New hemp mascot character Asamiko-chan appears in Japan

Oona McGee   With her own official Twitter account and a town in Tottori Prefecturebehind her, Japan’s first ever cannabis character comes dressed as apink-haired shrine maiden.   Ever since Japan’s first lady Akie Abe spoke out in support of reviving the country’s hemp culture in an interview last year, the topic of cannabis cultivation […]

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Micah Nelson, Son of Willie Nelson, Named to Board of Directors for National Hemp Association

By Steve Elliott Willie and Micah Nelson in 2013. Son Micah is now on the Board of Directors of the National Hemp Association (NHA) [ABC 7] History was made in the industrial hemp legalization movement as music fans watched and listened to talented musician Micah Nelson perform with a hemp-made guitar at Farm Aid 2016 […]

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